First National Campus

Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness Park

Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness consists of 67 bronze and stainless steel works by Kent Ullberg, N.A., F.N.S.S., of Corpus Christi, Texas. His site occupies the Bank properties on all four corners of the 16th and Dodge intersection as well as works on 15th Street. This wildlife monument includes 3 bulls standing at 8' and weighing nearly 1,400 pounds, several yearling bulls, and 2 cows with their calves, as well as a large water feature with 8' Canada Geese in bronze taking flight. As the geese fly across the street they are attached to 18' bronze trees, a traffic signal, the corner of a building, a light post, 2 other poles, and culminate with several stainless steel geese suspended within the glass atrium of the Bank's headquarters. Each of these works has been strategically placed to engage visitors, particularly children, as they pass.